Campus Initiatives

Working in partnership with local and provincial post-secondary institutions to address sexual violence on campus in New Brunswick

Our Approach

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Sexual violence on campus has been identified as a key area of focus for post-secondary institutions (PSI) nationally and in New Brunswick (NB). Through collaboration and partnership, SVNB works to address issues related to sexual violence at post-secondary institutions across the province. 

We provide education, awareness campaigns, and consultation services for PSIs in NB. 

Inquire about these provincial initiatives

  • GNB’s Provincial Campus Sexual Violence Working Group 
  • New Brunswick Network of Sexual Violence Advocates on Campus 
  • Consultation Services 

Educational Opportunities

SVNB offers many campus-specific workshops that help to enhance the culture of knowledge and competence in addressing sexual violence on campus. 

These opportunities are available to all post-secondary institutions in the province. 

Inquire about these provincial initiatives

  • Supporting a Peer’s Disclosure of Sexual Violence (Students) 
  • Bystander Intervention (Students) 
  • Trauma-Informed Offices (Faculty & Staff) 
  • Residence Life Disclosure Training 
  • Adjudicating Sexual Assault Complaints on Campus 
  • Sexual Assault Complaints Investigation

Please click here for quick reference guides on How to Receive a Disclosure of Sexual Violence and How to Get Involved




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Fredericton's Office of CSASA

Since 2016, SVNB has partnered with the tri-campus community in Fredericton. We provide holistic services to the University of New Brunswick (UNB), St. Thomas University (STU), and New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) through our office of Campus Sexual Assault Support and Advocacy (CSASA) which is located on campus. 

The Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocates (CSASA) offer therapeutic support to those who have experienced sexual violence related to their campus experience. Whether you need crisis intervention, counselling, or advocacy through the campus systems, the office of CSASA is available to support your needs. We can provide:  

  • Safety planning 
  • Counselling  
  • Referrals to legal supports, systems navigation, and medical services 
  • Advocacy for academic considerations, financial aid, residence matters, and accessibility needs 
  • Reporting options available on campus and in the community 
  • Navigating services and resources within the campus community 

Inquire about these supports

Get to know your CSASAs

Your CSASA team is here to support you. Learn more about what we can do for you!


CSASA Brochure

Learn what CSASA has to offer

This brochure provides you with an introduction to the CSASA services and resources in the Fredericton campus community.

Annual Report

2020 - 2021

Annual Report
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Explore the ways SVNB worked to address sexual violence on campus over the past year.

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Fredericton Tri-Campus Sexual Violence Awareness Initiatives

The prevention of sexual violence can only happen when we address the cultural foundations of privilege and oppression in our communities. Our approach to sexual violence prevention strives to draw attention to the ways our culture normalizes gender-based violence and build confidence in the campus community to make changes in their personal lives. 

Inquire about our initiatives

activity toolkit

Activity Toolkit

Peer-Led Sexual Violence Prevention
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This toolkit provides opportunities for students to lead their own sexual violence awareness events on campus.

Defining Rape Culture

Healing Happens Here

Our staff has poured their hearts and creativity into crafting these survivor love letters as a source of support and solidarity for survivors of sexual violence. Each poster is a testament to the strength, courage, and resilience of survivors everywhere.

Support Grows Here

Support Grows Here

This campaign aims to give the audience an understanding of secondary wounding and tools they can use in disclosure situations.


What Consent Sounds Like

This campaign aims to familiarize the audience with language for sexual negotiation and onsent conversations.

Beyond the Bare Minimum

Beyond the Bare Minimum

This campaign aims to "draw the line on coercion" by showing the ways manipulation and threats can cause harm in sexual relationships.

Defining Rape Culture

Defining Rape Culture

This campaign aims to define the ways sexual violence is normalized in our society so that we can begin to identify the ways we can make change in our own lives.

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Disclosure Cards

Annual Report

Seeking support after a sexual assault can be difficult. Simply present this disclosure card at the reception of either the Student Health Centre or Counselling Services at your institution. You will not have to explain why you are there and you will be connected with an appropriate professional right away. 

You can also book your own appointment by emailing the Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocates at 

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