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Sexual Violence New Brunswick is a collective of dedicated and passionate members who are committed to ending sexual violence. Our experienced and professional staff work to further the goals of the Centre and to provide support and resources to all those affected by sexual violence.

Please contact us to get more information on any of our programs and services. Please note that email is not a secure medium and privacy cannot assured. Confidential information should never be sent over the internet.

Sexual Violence New Brunswick:

P.O. Box 174
Fredericton, NB
E3B 4Y9

Business Line: 506.454.0460
Support Line: 506.454.0437
Fax: 506.457.2780

Lorraine Whalley Executive Director
Lorraine Whalley, RSW (she/her) Executive Director
Lorraine has been a member of the Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre Collective since 1983 and on staff since 1984. Lorraine has been a dedicated activist for over 30 years, working toward the eradication of violence against women.  She has worked with hundreds of committed volunteers and staff at SVNB to deliver preventative education programs, group and individual counselling to survivors of sexual violence, and actively promote social change. Lorraine sits on a variety of provincial committees, such as the NB Domestic Violence Death Review Committee and the NB Working Group on Human Trafficking.
Jenn Gorham Associate Director
Jenn Gorham, (she/her) Associate Director
Jenn has been working at SVNB since June of 2006.  As Program Coordinator, Jenn oversees a number of programs that have her working directly with the volunteers of SVNB, with community members to build capacity when working with survivors, and with youth to build healthier relationships.  Jenn is also enthusiastic about offering training and support to those who work in front line, caregiver roles.
Jenn Richard Director of Strategic Development
Jenn Richard, (she/her) Director of Strategic Development
Jenn began as a volunteer at SVNB in 2006, and joined the staff in 2007.  As Director of Strategic Development, Jenn works throughout New Brunswick in helping communities develop and enhance sexual assault services for survivors.  Jenn is a community builder and is passionate about developing strong community partnerships that will end the isolation and silence around sexual violence.
Maggie Forsythe Director of Post-Secondary Sexual Violence Programming
Maggie Forsythe, MEd., CCC (she/her) Director of Post-Secondary Sexual Violence Programming
With a Masters in Counselling and certification from the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association, Maggie has worked in the fields of sexual violence counselling and addictions since 2007. Maggie began work at SVNB in 2010. As the Director of Post-Secondary Sexual Violence Programming, Maggie has provided therapeutic support and advocacy for individuals on campus who have been impacted by sexual violence and currently supports post-secondary institutions across NB in developing strategies to address sexual violence on campus. Maggie also co-facilitates the Counselling Survivors of Sexual Violence training.
Tanya Smith Director of Intervention Services
Tanya Smith, BSW, MSW, RSW (she/her) Director of Intervention Services
Tanya is the Director of Intervention Services at SVNB and has been with SVNB since 2017. Tanya has a Bachelor and Master of Social Work as well as many years of experience providing support services and crisis intervention to families and individuals. At SVNB she coordinates the intervention services - sexual assault counselling, systems advocacy, victim advocacy, and the support line program. Tanya provides workshops, training, and consultation to service providers and organizations in the areas of sexual violence, sexual violence counselling and intervention services, trauma-informed practices, and the impacts of trauma-exposed work.
Kylie Bergfalk Research Coordinator
Kylie Bergfalk, (she/her) Research Coordinator
Kylie started as a volunteer at SVNB in 2017 and began working on staff as a project coordinator in 2019. Her work has benefited SVNB's professional development trainings, particularly in the criminal justice sector. Kylie is committed to making trauma-informed, feminist support more widely available to people coping with the impacts of sexual violence.
Catherine Gosselin Community Engagement Coordinator
Catherine Gosselin, (she/her) Community Engagement Coordinator
Catherine joined SVNB in 2022. Her work on the provincial team consists of facilitating sexual assault crisis intervention trainings and connecting with the various sexual assault centers in New Brunswick. Catherine works across the province in both official languages and is passionate about education and the eradication of systemic oppression.
Andie Marks Coordinator, Leading Systemic Change in Policing for Survivors of Sexual Violence in New Brunswick
Andie Marks, (she/her) Coordinator, Leading Systemic Change in Policing for Survivors of Sexual Violence in New Brunswick
Andie has been a member of the Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre Collective starting in the Spring of 2016 and began her journey on staff in 2017 as Community Facilitator. Andie works throughout New Brunswick in both official languages to deliver professional development training and help communities build capacity when developing sexual assault services for survivors. Andie is passionate about helping individuals and communities feel empowered and capable when advocating for survivors.
Hilary Swan Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocate
Hilary Swan, M.Ed, CCC (she/her) Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocate
Hilary lives, works and plays on the unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik, Mi’kmaq and Peskotomuhkati peoples, colonially known as Fredericton. She is a Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocate, creative, and educator who finds joy in supporting survivors and projects that work towards eradicating gender based violence. Hilary holds a Masters of Education in Counselling and has worked at the intersection of program, policy and campaign design, delivery of support services, and advocacy for equity seeking groups for nearly a decade. Hilary honed her skills at Renaissance College, the University of New Brunswick and the Government of New Brunswick before joining the team at Sexual Violence New Brunswick nearly 5 years ago. Compassion, curiosity, collaboration, innovation, and equity are at the heart of her work.
Megen Gaudet Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocate
Megen Gaudet, BSW, RSW (she/her) Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocate
Megen joined Sexual Violence New Brunswick as a collective member in spring 2019 and as a staff member in February 2020. In her role as Systems Advocate, Megen completes the intakes at SVNB, and provides support, advocacy, and information for survivors of sexual violence who are navigating government or social systems. Megen is passionate about working collaboratively within the community and helping to reduce barriers to accessing services for survivors.
Ashley Young Education Coordinator
Ashley Young, (she/her) Education Coordinator
Ashley joined the Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre as a volunteer collective member in Spring 2017 and shortly after became an employee as the Youth Education Coordinator. A large part of her role is to deliver school based workshops on sexual harassment and assault, consent and healthy relationships within Fredericton and surrounding areas. Ashley is passionate about the importance of creating a dialogue among youth around sexual violence, as well as working within the community to fill in gaps of services for youth.
Rachelle McLean Counsellor
Rachelle McLean, M.Ed, CCC, LCT-C (she/they) Counsellor
Rachelle has a Masters in Education (Counselling) from UNB and is a registered member of both the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and the College of Counselling Therapists of New Brunswick. She began her journey at SVNB as the Systems Advocate starting in Spring 2022. In this role, she aims to help survivors of sexual violence navigate government and social systems in the Fredericton and surrounding areas. Rachelle has experience working in the education system as a teacher, has worked as a counsellor in private practice, and has continued to volunteer with women in need. She is passionate about helping people overcome barriers as they move throughout their healing process through a feminist and client-centered lens.
Shadi Bleiken Counsellor
Shadi Bleiken, M.Ed, CCC, LCT-C (she/her) Counsellor
Abigail MacLean Volunteer Coordinator
Abigail MacLean, BA, Family Violence Certificate (she/her) Volunteer Coordinator
Abigail joined Sexual Violence New Brunswick as a collective member Summer 2020 and worked as a student before she became a staff member as the Volunteer Coordinator. Abigail’s main role is to manage the Volunteer Program, which includes organizing volunteer training, keeping materials up-to-date and training future collective members. She is passionate about intersectional feminism, advocacy and is empowered to work alongside survivors in dismantling oppressive systems.
Lyne Haché Victims Advocate
Lyne Haché, (she/her) Victims Advocate
Camille Léger Post-secondary Institution Engagement Coordinator
Camille Léger, BA (she/they) Post-secondary Institution Engagement Coordinator
Jana Shoemaker Project Manager: Independent Legal Advice Plus
Jana Shoemaker, (she/her) Project Manager: Independent Legal Advice Plus