Learning Hub

Our educational opportunities aim to help you learn more about sexual violence, how to support someone who has experienced it and make change in the world around you. They are for service providers, students, loved ones, and leaders in the community. Anyone who is curious about sexual violence and their role in making a positive impact will take something away from these modules.

In-person or virtual live training sessions are conducted in communities around New Brunswick or on Zoom. These experiences are facilitated by our trained educators and are dense with rich information and engaging activities.

Our e-learning modules are self-paced and do not involve interaction with an instructor or other course participants. We encourage you to take your learning at a pace that feels comfortable with lots of breaks. You can return at any time to complete or redo modules.

If you are a person who has experienced sexual violence and feel overwhelmed with the material at times, ensure you are being mindful of your well-being and consider the ways you might want to support yourself through this learning experience. Always know that SVNB volunteers are available to support you 5pm- 8am daily at (506) 454-0437.



Generalized ABC & D’s of receiving sexual violence disclosures

Trauma-informed response to disclosures of sexual violence for general learners.


Les racines du changement

Des compétences de spectateur pour les étudiants qui transforment les cultures de violence sexuelle.


Essential Skills & Mindset for ILA+ Partners

Trauma-informed approaches for lawyers working with survivors of sexual violence.


Seeds of Change

Bystander skills for students that transform cultures of sexual violence.


ABC & D’s of Receiving Sexual Violence Disclosures on Campus

Trauma-informed response to disclosures of sexual violence for faculty and staff of post-secondary institutions.