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Sexual violence is a complex issue with far reaching impacts on victims, their families and friends, service providers and communities. SVNB has developed a range of professional development, training and public education programs to provide professionals, service providers and community members with specialized understanding, knowledge, skills, interventions and approaches to respond effectively to sexual violence.

Training programs are intended for those who work with victims and survivors of sexual violence and work in the field of prevention and education such as police, health professionals, counsellors, teachers/guidance counsellors, intimate partner violence crisis interveners, victim services, and others. All professional development and training programs are based on current knowledge and promising practices.


Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Training (SACIT)

5 day training on sexual assault, its causes, impacts and tools to respond effectively – includes the legal and medical aspects of sexual assault, as well as childhood sexual abuse and adult survivors.

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The Empowerment Project and Man to Man Facilitator Training

3 day training on two sexual violence prevention toolkits developed by SVNB; how to use these toolkits in schools and in communities, and facilitation and leadership skills to deliver workshops.

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Counselling Women Survivors of Sexual Violence: Training for Therapists and Counsellors

5 day training designed to provide counsellors with in-depth, specialized, trauma-informed training for working with women survivors of sexual violence.

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Maintain: Trauma Informed Principles for Trauma Exposed Workplaces

These workshops look at strategies that individuals and organizations can implement to mitigate the impacts of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout.  

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Improving Outcomes: Trauma Informed Sexual Assault Response Training for the Criminal Justice System

Specialized trainings for law enforcement and crown prosecutors on trauma informed sexual assault response, investigations, and prosecutions.

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Making Connections:  Trauma Informed Workplaces

3 day training for service providers in caring fields on implementing principles of trauma-informed care at all levels of the workplace, including volunteers, staff, management, and boards.

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Project Soundcheck

Created in Ottawa, this training supports volunteers and staff at festivals and large events in addressing sexual violence through bystander intervention.

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youth programs

Our school-based presentations address the promotion of healthy relationships and the prevention of sexual violence. They seek to promote safety for youth, support them to take ownership of their own lives and relationships, know their rights, instill a sense of self-worth, self-efficacy and self-compassion, and to develop leadership skills to affect change in their community toward preventing and ending sexual violence. Our resources allow us to tailor information to be most relevant to class or school discussions. Topics covered can include healthy relationships, boundaries and communication, sexual harassment and sexual assault, consent and coercion, online sexual violence and safety, gender roles, rape culture, etc. However, most commonly requested in school workshops include the following;

Middle Schools

1 hour Sexual Harassment and Online Sexual Violence Workshops

Youth are educated about the myths and realities of sexual harassment online and in person, discuss strategies for addressing sexual harassment, receive an introduction into consent, find out where to get help and are empowered to speak up either as the victim or the bystander.

High Schools

1 hour Consent and Coercion Workshop

This workshop identifies forms of online sexual violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault, defines consent and the legalities of consent as well as coercion and how to identify it, addresses resources and empowers youth to speak up either as the victim/survivor or the bystander.

2 hours Women, Media, and Culture

This workshop takes place over two class periods and introduces the topic of sexual violence and its root causes. Discussion focuses on sexual harassment and sexual assault, online sexual violence, oppression, privilege, stereotypes, consent and coercion, and the role media plays in to shaping rape culture and the normalization of sexual violence in our society.